Winner of Ryder Cup qualification should determine host nation

It was announced last week that the 2018 Ryder Cup will be played in mainland Europe, with six countries vying for the event.

Interest in staging the tournament comes from France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and Sweden. Traditionally, the majority of European home matches have been played in the U.K or Ireland, due to the previous format of the Ryder Cup (USA vs. GB & I). One trip to mainland Europe took place in Valderrama, Spain, in 1997.

So, who should host the 2018 Ryder Cup?

The winner of the bid is likely to have been chosen for several factors, although namely commercial reasons, i.e. the highest bidder wins. Is this really in the true spirit of the Ryder Cup?

One way in which to decide the host nation is to look at the qualification system. In order to get into the European team, players must earn qualification points from their position in week to week tournaments, giving us a top ten list, plus a number of captain’s choice ‘wildcards.’

Perhaps the relative nationality of the winner of the qualification process should be awarded the right to host the tournament. For example, a triumph for Sergio Garcia would take the Ryder Cup to Spain. This would add an extra incentive for the players to top the qualification table, rather than just qualify, and perhaps, in turn, lead to better results across the board.

With this system, the commercial nature of picking the host venue would be greatly reduced and anticipation between the top few players’ and their respective countries towards the end of qualification would give the tournament added interest and media attention. Certainly a radical proposal, but one that should be given much consideration.


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