Callawy S200 Sunglasses – The review

As a hay fever sufferer, playing a sport that takes place entirely on grass can sometimes be a challenge, in fact my eyes are watering now at the prospect of it. To help the problem, a good pair of wrap around sunglasses can go a long way to solving it.

I’d decided to get some golf specific sunglasses, in hope that the lenses would have the sufficient contrast to be able to play normally; many of the cheaper sunglasses make the surroundings appear so dark that trying to swing a golf club in them often proved difficult for me.

Scouring the large golf sunglasses market, however, proved disheartening. Most of the market is saturated by the big brands, such as Oakley, widely renowned as high quality specs… that come with a price tag too high for my soon to be paltry student budget.

Taking a look on ebay, I found a pair of Callaway S200 glasses, a snip at £30, compared to the RRP of £55.

Having used them for two weeks, for both golf and general usage, I have found the sunglasses to be effective across the board. Vision clarity is clear, and play was not affected by them. Reading the greens is still possible too. The padded nose and ear parts of the glasses keep them firmly on your face as you swing. The striking white frames suit my personal taste (which does not necessarily mean they’re fashionable!) and the carry case and sleeve to store them in are, as is usual from Callaway, top quality.

Many of the hardened sunglasses ‘experts’ amongst us may be sceptical of Callaway. One piece of advice I was given recently advised that the company made clubs, not sunglasses, inferring that the quality would not be as high as other sunglasses specific brands. For me, however, although the point may be valid, they have done a perfectly adequate job, at a fraction of the price of the bigger brands. If you’re on a budget, you can seldom go wrong with the S200s, although a cheaper price may be found on ebay.

The S200 glasses come in a range of colours, most commonly found in black and a stylishly striking white version. They use Callaway’s ‘NEOX’ lens technology, which claims to ‘deliver maximum clarity of vision and comfort with advanced ocular defence.’


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