Tiger Woods 10 – PS3 review

It’s that time again, golf fans. EA Sports released Tiger Woods 10 on Friday, available on PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii and PSP. As a long-term Tiger Woods player, I quickly got my hands on a copy for the PS3.

What’s New?

TW10 comes with a few new features and although few are groundbreaking, all add to a more enjoyable playing experience. These include:

New Courses – including Torrey Pines, Turnberry, Oakmont, Pinehurst #2 and Hazeltine among the usual favourites.

New Golfers – including Rocco Mediate and Anthony Kim

Precision Putting – A new putting system whereby one putter covers all distances. A power gauge on the screen indicates the anticipated stroke length required. A smooth and straight takeaway and follow through are required to keep the putt on your chosen line.

Live Weather – Rain conditions are added and course conditions can be tailored to ‘real time’ weather via a neat online function, courtesy of weather.com. In inclement conditions, fairways and greens respond accordingly, with less roll and more stop on approach shots.

 Tournament Challenge Mode – Replacing the old Tiger Challenge, challenges are based around the great moments of the PGA Tour, for example Tiger’s long birdie putt from the Players’ Championship on the infamous 17th.


What’s Hot?

For too long, holing ridiculous sixty foot putts on request has been a part of the game. Now, with the new putting system, you are required to put a good stroke on the ball and gauge the distance correctly. This adds to the difficulty and certainly takes a while to adjust to, especially in wet weather, as the putting system that accounts for the recommended power does not account for the soft conditions. With practice, it does get easier though, although it is still a challenge and a step up from previous years. The previous versions of the PGA Tour season events have always failed to grasp the true nature of the tour. Majors like the US Open and the USPGA are now called their proper names and this goes towards adding a greater realism to the atmosphere. Even better is the in-tournament changes, which concern the grouping of players. For example, if you finish round three at the top, you tee off last and positions of players around you reflect this. Before, you began your final round at bizarre times and now the tension surrounding a toe to toe tussle with Tiger is fully realistic. The new courses, especially Turnberry and Torrey Pines, are a welcome addition to the roster. In addition, online players can now download (for a small fee) new courses such as Spyglass Hill. This is a feature many fans have begged for. There is no great graphical improvement, though slight visual tweaks are noticeable, adding to the crisp, well manicured visuals that have become synonymous with the game.

What’s Not?

Despite the presence of many new courses, the amount of new golfers is not proportional. We are treated to only Anthony Kim and Rocco Mediate, and there is no sign of Garcia, Harrington or Mickelson to name a few. Also in the PGA Tour season mode, many of those in contention appear to be made up characters. This has always been the case but seems worse in this edition. Commentary is at times patchy. It is much improved from last year; they’ve got rid of Sam Torrance and brought in Scott Van Pelt, however the robotic overtones of the female co-commentator leave a lot to be desired. Bring back the glory days of Feherty and McCord! Ever since the new club tuner feature was introduced last year, the ability to hit balls circa 500 yards has been too easy. This has not been rectified and when you’re connected to the internet, you quickly become frustrated at the number of ‘Gamernet challenges’ which ask you to beat their 426 yard drive into a 30mph headwind. No thanks. Finally, the photo game-face feature from last year has not been built upon. It takes around twenty minutes to process your photographs and turns it into complete electrical mush. For me, my ‘game-face’ turned out to be a ghost who’d poured flour over itself for extra pale measure. The hair was wrong and I looked like a haemophiliac (no offence intended). Better luck next year, I’ll stick to the dodgy self made players with scars down their cheekbones…


There’s just enough to keep us fans occupied, and it’s always worth the new addition for the courses and gameplay improvements. The new features add to the realism and are an enjoyable and challenging set of additions.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve on July 10, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Great review, you’ve almost sold it to me. I had more success with the game-face feature on 09 and for me, changing the hair was very desirable! I’d be keen to try Turnberry, perhaps I’ll make a purchase for Open weekend.

    Keep up the good work on the blog.


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