Ball test 2: Callaway HX Hot Bite


After the last ball test, I was left a little frustrated. Having found a ball that ticked all of the boxes, I’d found the ball in question (Bridstone b330-rx) out of my price range.

So, my attention turned to an old friend; the Callaway HX Hot Bite. I have used this ball a long time ago, when it was first released, and played with it for a couple of months, before switching to the AD333. I took a sleeve of the latest edition balls out to the course; could the friendship be rekindled?

Another factor, in addition to the ones noted in the previous test that may influence ball choice, is marketing. A family member noted his choice of ball (the Hot Bite) was due to the attractive green packaging. If this is a factor for you, the bright, eye-catching packet will appeal.

Being a spin off of the HX Hot, the ball’s marketing suggested that it should fly off of the clubface. It did not disappoint, with the Hot Bite giving a satisfyingly firm feel off the driver and a long carry. Although comparable to the AD333, the Hot Bite perhaps edged it on the distance stakes, however this could not be 100% proved without the aid of a launch monitor.

The Hot Bite was also designed to be a lot softer around the green, which was a compromise of the previous HX Hot model. Again, the ball did not disappoint. You may struggle to get this ball bouncing and spinning back, a la the tour professionals, it is rather ‘a couple of hops and stop” kind of ball. It checks nicely on chips and pitches, giving me the control that is more than adequate for my level of skill. Feel off the putter is soft and responsive, comparable to the srixon soft feel.

One issue with the Hot Bite is durability. In my previous encounters with the ball, I did not have a problem, however, with a couple of three-quarter wedge shots, the ball did seem to cut up a little more than the competitors. It should be noted, the offending wedge was a vintage Callaway X-Tour model (renowned as a sharply grooved wedge), however, this is not a problem I generally encounter with balls. The ball shredded to the extent that the edging around the dimples was ‘peeling’ away.

More testing will be required to confirm the reliability of the ball, which will be worthwhile, considering the benefits of it. It is a true rival to the AD333, just a little less durable. Whether or not this is a worthwhile concession is a personal preference.


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  1. Posted by Tom Shaw on September 13, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    you just gave me a link to the blog and ive been snooping around. I had the exact same problem with the peeling of balls you described. The wedge i was using was a standard set wedge, so nothing sharp. After about 4 holes i was forced to change to a new one. this was throughout the round. good balls but not worth the wear


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