Titleist NXT Tour Review

With a brand name that oozes quality, a three piece construction and a name containing the word ‘tour,’ you would expect great things from the Titleist NXT Tour ball.

In reality, however, I was left a little disappointed with the overall performance of the so called ‘tour’ ball. Considering the ball is branded in a similar market to the Srixon AD333, I was expecting a good distance off the tee, coupled with a slightly softer feeling ball than the two piece AD333.

On one of these counts, the NXT Tour certainly delivered. With a satisfyingly firm feel off the face of the driver, the ball performed admirably in the distance stakes, launching on a high, but not ballooning flight.

In the short game, the ball left a lot to be desired. The cover of the ball feels much firmer and less responsive than its competitors. This is perhaps due to its ‘fusablend’ cover; hardly the urethane cover many premium balls rely on for soft feel.

As a trade off, though, the ball was satifyingly durable, but not enough of a trade off to warrant ousting the AD333 ball, which is a much better all round golf ball.

Update: In the last post, I wrote of my frustration of the premium price of the Bridgestone B330-RX. A reader has since notified me that this ball can be obtained online at some retailers for around £23.99 a dozen; a much more affordable price. I’m off to buy a dozen, and I’d recommend you giving them a go.


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